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  • Overall Movie Review

My wife and I enjoyed this movie.  I thought the cast of the movie was outstanding.  At times I would swear that Charlize Theron who played Megyn Kelly, was one and the same.  The Story line was straight from the headlines but with a with slight twist from the perspective of the women who made up the headlines.   This was a good movie overall and highly recommend.

Frozen II

  • Overall Movie Review

Watched with my little girl she loved it.  As an adult it was better than ok.  This sequel much like many sequels came up short if you compare to first.  The first had many songs that are memorable but this movie had far less-memorable.  I would not have watched this movie if was not with my daughter, but my daughter is the target audience not me.

Knives Out

  • My Movie Review

Loved this movie. I highly recommend it. This was an all-star cast and one of the best movies I’ve seen this year. Movie kept me on my toes and played a great cat and mouse game throughout the movie.